Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

facebook kills me blog??

Recently I found out that I did not blog as often as before due to my laziness and facebook's status update. I tend to update more often on facebook as it is short, fast and it can be read by others as soon as I click "post". What's more at least friends will respond to my "status" with a "like" or at least a "LOL" rather than out of 285 entries, only 51 of them have someone commented on. Its barely 17%.

Is my post not interested enough to leave comment on?? Did I not promote my blog enough?? Is there anybody who is still reading my blog actually?? Forget about comments, my chatbox is half dead and the last one is from Kok Hong wishing me Happy Birthday. Before my birthday which is about a month ago, 2 online shops posted something on the chatbox on 3rd March and 21 January. I bet they regret the moment they post it up there after found out this blog is dying...

*sorry, I cant help to boost your online sales...

I tend to post up those photos I took but I guess reader just scroll down and say to themselves "oh..." then click close. Because, again...I upload them on facebook too. Its easier to interact there.

I dont post this entry to gain attention and want you guys to post 1000 comments on this entry or jam my chatbox with "Hi, Edward" or "nice blog Edward" or what so ever. I dont even blame facebook. Because my blog site is not on the 8 site I visited most via Google Chrome. shame on me...

by the way, I will start working on Wednesday at 3pm..first day itself already in afternoon shift. But I can walk in to the lobby wearing casual before start working because I will get my uniform only on that day.

and today suppose to meet up with lecturer to hand up my internship report and discuss about the final project. but got everything ready and she did not turn up after waited for 1 and half hour. what if the college say I submit my report late and fail me?? crap!

anyway, I will keep posting crap here according to my mood. like it or not, this is my world!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i am still alive

if so happen you are still following my blog...I personally say million thanks to YOU!!!

because i dont think that anyone would still bother or know whether this blog still exist or not...

well, I hardly update because I got too many things to update but too little time to type..or I am pure lazy. whenever I want to blog, I think about my assignment...end up I didnt do both!

so, just to let you guys know..if you didnt update my life via facebook which I believe 99.99% of you guys do...I AM STILL ALIVE and i wont let this blog die 10 days time, this blog will back to normal once again. I promise!!!

so, stay tune and wait for it. at this mean time...go check your facebook la.. =_=

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

it has ended...

internship ended finally...

get everything settle and I will go back to KL in no time...

holiday plus assignments...2 in 1...all happen in KL... =) =(

still wonder how did I survived these 6 months with the amount of money I am getting and the amount of money that I am spending...splendid!!! Amazing!!!

KL people, wait for me...I am coming home soon!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


time really flies...

not just that my internship is coming to an end within 6 days...

but I am an adult for a year already!!! not exactly 1 year, but in 24 hours time, I will be...

what have I done for the past 1 year?

study, assignments, internship and most of the time, I fool around...fool around not as in I sleep around but I waste time...waste lots and lots of time!!!

most of the time, I am sitting in front of my laptop...I need to get a life rather than just online!

22 year old and all I wish is to have a more meaningful has been awhile since i last bring my camera, walk around under hot sun and have some Me Time! I will do that once I complete my internship. =D

for most of the time, I am doing things alone in front of my laptop but yet I still feels like I spend not enough time for myself. Just because I waste time being alone rather than doing something more meaningful. will have to change it in 2010!!!

walking in to working life somehow gave me a thoughts that I can finally do something I like!!! because by that time I will be free from assignments! other than job stress, there aren't really anything else that can stop me from enjoying my life.

when we were younger, we always envy on adult's life because we hate to study. but here I am, standing in front of the door of working world. excited yet in doubt...but more on the excited side!

I am sure there are more things to worry in future, but I am growing up!!! not physically but mentally. =)

twenty two of age...I feel old already.